Electricians – City of London borough

Committed, professionally equipped and ready to help you!

Dedicated electrical services in the area – at your call! We respond all electric emergencies, whether they are industrial or residential – contact us if you are in need of lighting repair, wiring, appliance fixing or installation. We are also able to perform general inspections if needed and refurbishments.


Making our customers happy is what we aim for – that is why we only charge you 90% for your first call! If they happen more often, ask us about 15% off for loyal clients.


We can install, repair and maintain whatever we work with – and we guarantee, that all is working properly, even after twelve months. Check out for yourself!


In case of electrical emergency, when you have no one else to call, contact us! We will arrive within 1 hour, never-mind the time! We are waiting nonstop, 7 days a week!


Lamps and other fixtures play important role in our daily and, more important, nightly lives – we grew so accustomed to them that we rarely pay them any attention – unless there is something wrong. But fear nor, we will take care of the issue, whatever it may be – if it runs on electricity, we will handle it, day or night!


While opening a fridge or putting dishes into dishwasher, we rarely wonder how those appliances become indispensable nowadays. Unfortunately, they sometimes break and when that happens, all you need to do is call us! We will fix them for you, maintain them in working order and help you install new ones.


Effective wiring is very important for every household and business alike – we are very aware of that, and so our work is always up to the code on electrical control. We are making sure that any further malfunctions are prevented and quickly take care of existing ones.

City of London area

Your local electricians in City of London borough


At your service!

We are here for you, passing through your neighborhood many times a day.

We provide professional electrician services in your vicinity:

  • Wiring and lighting repair
  • Appliance repair
  • 24/7 emergency electrician
  • Testing and inspections

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